Socially Distant Party Options!

Movie Night, Playoff Party, Super Bowl Party, Birthday Party
    Use your outdoor space to create a safe Party area for you and your guests.  Using our LED Video wall and our Concert Quality Sound Systems set up in your driveway or backyard allows you to keep your distance and still enjoy your friends and family!

Add some Lightng:
Area Lighting - For safety and ambiance
Up lights - Highlight your house and trees
Market Stringers - Overhead Market lights with either bright LED or Classic "Edison" bulbs
Truss Towers - Use these towers to create a border to your party zone

Our LED Video wall is an "Outdoor Rated" system so it can be seen clearly in the daylight and it can handle rain,
so you don't need total darkness like you would with a video projector on an inflatable screen.
We have sizes and shapes to fit any area.  A small screens start at 8' wide x 5' tall up to 30' wide x 17' tall
(See list of sizes at bottom of page)

We can also configure the Video wall as a wide screen allowing multiple images on the same screen: for example during the playoffs we can have 1 large/main image with 2 smaller images off to 1 side so you can watch more than 1 game or sport at a time. 

Even our smallest sound system will cover a crowd of 200 people with clarity and smooth powerful bass.
Hook up your phone, laptop or hire a DJ for after the game.  Or play music videos on the big screen for dancing.

The Technical stuff:
LED Video Wall - (this is similar to the video screens you see at stadiums)
3mil outdoor rated, 5500nits brightness.  Novastar Processor with 3 Layers per Processor, 3 Processors available allowing the possibility of 9 video images on 1 screen.   You would need to provide the source for your entertainment, We will bring the wiring - Send from an indoor TV or cable box, Blu-Ray DVD, Laptop, Files on a hard drive or USB drive, Internet connection and media player like a Fire Stick or Roku, etc.

Sound System:
We use RCF Powered Speakers.  Our smallest system would consist of 2-500 watt main speakers and 2-700 watt Subwoofers.  Larger Sound Systems available as well.  We would include a digital mixing board with all necessary processing.  If you want you can hook up your phone, laptop or hire a DJ.  Or we can bring a DJ mixer and your teenager can use 2 Phones or Laptops and act like a superstar!

Truss Towers:
Aluminum frames used to support Concert Lighting Systems.  These are simple ways to support overhead lighting.  By adding a color changing LED Up-Light inside the tower becomes a cool center piece or we can wrap the tower in black cloth so it dissappears into the night.

LED Up-Lights
Battery powered color changing lights.  These are the quickest and most cost effective way to light your party. They come with a remote so you can easily pick a color or change them to "Sound Activated" mode so they flash with the music when its time to dance.  We also have moving head lights if you want a "Club" feel.

Market Stringers:
These are the overhead string of lights you see at most outdoor restaraunts.  Adds an elegant feel to the area, especially with the "Edison" bulbs.

Some available LED Video Wall Sizes 
  • 8' x 5'     
  • 12' x 7'   
  • 13' x 8'   
  • 14' x 8.5'
  • 16' x 9'   
  • 18' x 11' 
  • 20' x 12' 
  • 26' x 15' 
  • 30' x 17'